Cotopaxi gives female employees the day off for 'A Day Without A Woman'


The Salt Lake City-based brand and retailer is encouraging its employees not to go to work, and instead to get involved with women's marches.


Cotopaxi's new storefront in Salt Lake City. // Photo courtesy of Cotopaxi.

Cotopaxi announced Tuesday afternoon that it would give all of its women employees the day off on Wednesday, International Women's Day.

"A Day Without a Woman" strikes are planned across the country in protest of discrimination, lower wages, violence against women, legislation about women's health, and other equality issues.

Cotopaxi's CEO, Davis Smith, has encouraged his female employees to take the day off and participate in women's marches. Retail employees will still be paid for their shifts.

"Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and we want to voice our support of the 'Day Without A Woman' strike," Smith told employees in an internal email. "I’d like to encourage all women on our team to take the day off tomorrow. For those women working in the retail store tomorrow, we will pay you for your shift, as if you had worked.

Davis encouraged employees to get involved with demonstrations, and to make their voices heard in any way possible.

"Find a way to have your voices heard, and play a role in bringing awareness around the issue of women’s equality," he wrote. "There are a number of marches, walks, gatherings, and celebrations. Please join them."



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