Contourwear AnyWear pants

Women looking for an ideal all-around pant that can go to work, a trip abroad or even an impromptu hike should slip on a pair of Contourwear's aptly named AnyWear pants.

Contourwear is a company that specializes in travel-friendly, functional yet feminine, women's clothing that withstands life and adventure while flattering in fit and style. We took a look at the AnyWear pant -- one of the company's signature items. Conclusion: Women looking for an ideal all-around pant that can go to work, a trip abroad or even an impromptu hike should slip on a pair of Contourwear's aptly named AnyWear pants.

Stylish and well-made, the panel-constructed pants have a contoured fit and contemporary look. Contributing to the sleek appearance is a flat-waisted front with a side zipper opening that has an inner top button closure. The front leg seam and a 5-inch ankle slit in the front seam at the hem help create a long leg look -- something any woman can appreciate.

AnyWear pants have two slash-style front pockets with hidden zippers near the waistline so they blend in. Meant to hold smaller items -- think a few coins or bills, a credit card or theater ticket -- they're made of mesh lining and lie flat rather than puff out. One clever design feature is an additional pocket at the bottom inside hem of the left leg. Also made of mesh lining with a low-profile zipper, it's sized for a passport, but also handy for a driver's license, credit card and money.

Contourwear's pants are made with Schoeller Dynamic fabric -- a blend of polyester, polymicro and elastic -- making them stretchy, abrasion resistant, breathable and quick drying. Liquid just rolls off the fabric. One tester noted her pants have held up extremely well over time and still look new. Another liked the way the fabric continued to look sleek and fresh despite being worn through long flights, meetings and on long brisk walks.

While Schoeller fabric ups the price considerably, the material lengthens the usable life of the pant and also allows them to be flexible for multiple activities. One reviewer said she felt stylish at work, but also found they performed well during walks at lunch. She said she didn't feel constricted because of the stretch, and didn't feel clammy when it was time to go back to her desk. Another loved the way they traveled with the gray color also able to look great even after long wearing. (In addition to gray, other colors available are black, dune, safari green and chocolate.)

Because of the stretch factor, Contourwear suggests when on the fence between two sizes to take the smaller one. (Available sizes are 2-18.) Wearing them over the course of a day, the pants will stretch out. One reviewer found this was sound advice. The bigger size would have puffed out more, but the smaller size stretched slightly but didn't get baggy around the crotch, at the knees or in the backside. They also adapted to several body types as well.

We also liked that they could be cleaned in a normal washer and dryer, rather than being sent to the dry cleaners. They do wrinkle a bit, but those slight crumples smooth out quickly when the pants are worn. The pants can also handle a low-heat iron if necessary, but, frankly, they look great worn as-is.

One longer-legged tester found they came up a bit short, but the inside pocket on the lower hem limited lengthening possibilities. Still, there was just enough to make them better-looking with something other than sandals.

Despite the expense (which some may consider a drawback), these pants will wear forever and go anywhere.

SNEWS® Rating: 4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $156

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