Color trends for spring 2008: What to know before you buy

Hard to believe, but trade show season is already here...again. As you sit through numerous line presentations, flip through countless workbooks, and write orders for what you hope will be well selling products, keep these key spring 2008 color trends in mind.

Hard to believe, but trade show season is already here...again. As you sit through numerous line presentations, flip through countless workbooks, and write orders for what you hope will be well selling products, keep these key spring 2008 color trends in mind:

Fresh colors
In the warmer months, we tend to dress with a little more color. Spring 2008 will offer many options to help us get out of winter doldrums. Fresh, clean colors like grassy greens, punchy oranges and bright reds bring a joyful sense of youth to the palette.

Pale tones
For the most part, spring 2008 colors range from mid-tone to pale. The palette is visually light. So, we see many hues with only the slightest hint of color. Soft gray is one of the most significant neutrals of the season. Also, pay attention to whispers of yellow, mint, pink and lavender, and a range of warm neutrals. Don't forget white. It's still critical to appearing modern and crisp.

Blues & blue greens
Blues and blue greens continue to be a strong theme. The hues range from electric, athletic blues to swimming turquoises to weathered denim to deep lagoon. There is a wide range here, definitely something for the most conservative customer to the most progressive. I especially love the combination of pool-like blues with poppy.

Natural & muted colors
When people tend to feel pessimistic, they are drawn towards brighter, happier colors. Recently, the general mood has become more positive and we see this reflected in the rising number of natural and muted colors in the spring 2008 palette. Some of my favorites this season are the rustic oranges, ochres and sable reds.

Rich darks
A few darks balance the palette and add richness. Deep, dark brown -- almost black -- is one key color. Navy, dark cedar and earthy or berry deep reds are others.

Accent colors
Similar to fall 2007, the most popular accent colors this season are yellow-inspired. Gold, lime and yellow add a fun hit of color. The brighter and clearer the hue, the faster and more athletic the look. For a more urban or casual feel, look for gold or wheat accents.

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