Can the Once-A-Week Workout produce a hot bod? Operators standing by...

The SNEWS® crew's been busting its buns to get in bikini shape by summer, but we hear now our multi-day routine just wastes a lot of time. Author and trainer Mark Anthony claims you only need to exercise for 50 minutes once a week to knock 'em dead at the beach. Oh, really?

The SNEWS® crew's been busting its buns to get in bikini shape by summer – in some cases, for Brazilian thong shape -- but we hear now our multi-day routine just wastes a lot of time. Author and trainer Mark Anthony claims you only need to exercise for 50 minutes once a week to knock 'em dead at the beach. According to a PR Newswire release, Anthony has published a new "Once-A-Week Workout" book that includes the Top 3 Bikini Moves for Women and the Top 3 Muscle Moves for Men.

"Too many people trying to cram in three or four workouts a week just end up quitting because they can't spare the time -- or they cheat themselves by taking it easy, as if saving up for the next day," Anthony said in the press release. .

The women's routine includes ball squats, seated dumbbell rows and abdomen rockers —don't forget to "squeeze, control, contract!" For the men, there are knee dips, plus barbell rows and chest presses. But, will a single session a week really transform the swimsuit-challenged in just three months, as Anthony claims?

There's only one way to find out, he says … naturally. Of course, you gotta buy his book "Once-A-Week Workout" ($14.95 retail) or download a workout MP3 at (that part is actually free). Then, in a few months, send us a pic of you sporting your hot bikini or Brazilian thong bod. Well, on second thought, just call us. Having to look at a pixilated photo of some hairy-chested dude flexing his bikini-shape bod in an eeny teeny polka dot bikini (even if it is fashionable on French beaches this summer) is frankly wrong on more levels than we care to imagine.


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