Brits pick zzzzz's if gifted extra hour a day

With all this global pounding on lazy Americans getting fat and happy, seems the Brits may be making a beeline for their Barcalounger. Or whatever the British equivalent is.

With all this global pounding on lazy Americans getting fat and happy, seems the Brits may be making a beeline for their Barcalounger. Or whatever the British equivalent is.Â

A group polled Brits to see what they'd do if they were suddenly, magically, spontaneously, granted an extra hour a day. Can you imagine? Another hour to … ohmigosh … where do we start … the options are endless. But they certainly include more time for a bit of exercise (remember the biggest excuse people have is "no time," right?). But that extra hour could include walking, playing with the dog, even puttering in the garden or volunteering somewhere. Wow. So many choices…

Well, guess not. On the other side of the pond, the Brits didn't blink, according to recent results listed by the group that did the survey, a charity organization called Victim Support. The survey shows many were interested in reaching out -- reaching out to hit the snooze button, that is. About 25 percent said they'd just stay in bed and relax, sipping tea or just doing plain ol' nothing.

Fitness industry beware: That excuse about the biggest hurdle being lack of time? HA. That could be the great excuse of the century. Only about 5 percent of those surveyed said they'd use the time to participate in a sport or other physical endeavor. The point of the survey was to gauge interest in volunteerism, as Victim Support prepares to launch a campaign called Sunrise Appeal. The campaign asks people to donate 60 minutes of their time to raise money for victims of crime. Doesn't seem the British find much appealing about "sunrise" other than a spot of hot tea. Better check back around noon.


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