Best of 2017: New outdoor shops

Check out our these five new shops that opened this year.
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Despite all the doom and gloom that we hear about retail these days, we’ve seen some exciting new stores launch this year, each with its own unique spin on specialty outdoor retail. Here are some of the coolest:

A new gear shop is born in Pittsburgh, PA


A new gear shop is born in Boulder, Colorado


Opening a retail shop in a ‘year without fear’

Jimmy Funkhouser, founder of Feral Mountain Co. in Denver, Colo. // Photo by Caveman Collective

A new gear shop is born in Discovery Bay, Washington


Do brand stores crush–or help–independent outdoor retailers?

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Best of 2017: #CoolShop

The SNEWS team was so impressed this year by the number of outdoor retailers thinking outside the box, showing devotion to their community, and simply put, giving customers a cool shop to gear up for the great outdoors. Here are a few of our favorites:  Hometown Sports in McCall, more


5 questions with newbie retailers

For many, Pittsburgh doesn’t conjure up the image of an outdoor town. But after Christine Iksic and Chris Kaminski moved back to the ‘Burgh after separately spending several years of living elsewhere, the two business partners saw an opportunity for an independent gear hub that more