Bell Canoe Works makes a "smart" move

Guys, forget heaven, a little bit of it has landed right here on planet earth.
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Guys, forget heaven, a little bit of it has landed right here on planet earth. Popular Science magazine set out to build the ultimate garage and partnered with various product manufacturers to make the dream a reality. Dubbed the Smart Garage, it's built using modular aluminum panels that snap together from Whirlpool Corp.'s Gladiator GarageWorks line. The two-story structure not only houses the standard fare of cars and tools, but boasts amenities like a loft with a lounge. No garage would be complete, though, without a few toys and Bell Canoe Works was among 30 manufacturers asked to supply product. Hanging front and center above the main door is Bell Canoe Works' Rob Roy. Bell's John Woodruff told SNEWS, "The structure and the organization units [from Whirlpool] are the big showcase items, but they wanted to fill the garage with the ultimate playtoys and showcase the cream of the crop." The Smart Garage is touring the country, hitting the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas Nov. 5-8 and the Mall of America in Minneapolis Nov. 16-17.



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