Behind the curtain: La Sportiva

Behind the curtain: La Sportiva

Learn about the Italian family that makes boots the old-fashioned way.

La Sportiva

Guilia Delladio is a fourth generation bootmaker.

This video, narrated by Guilia Delladio, who's great-grandfather founded La Sportiva in 1928, tells the story of the four generations of bootmakers working in a a mountain valley town called Val di Fiemme, in the shadow of Mt. Cornon.

"I really love working for my family company," says Delladio. "My first memories are living literal above the factory. I remember all the noises of the factory, the smells of the leather, going downstairs and playing around the shoes the warehouse. I was really feeling part of the family business."

Meet the people behind La Sportiva. It's guaranteed to make you love your boots even more.