Advanced Sports Nutrition

It's not easy to find nutrition information for overall performance that isn't too technical, too trendy, or aimed at selling a particular product. But Dan Benardot's Advanced Sports Nutrition sets a new standard, giving readers what they want and need through casual writing that's pretty easy to read.

By: Dan Benardot
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0-7360-5941-5

It's not easy to finding nutrition information for overall performance that isn't too technical, too trendy, or aimed at selling a particular product. Sure, some good books exist, but there is room for more.

Dan Benardot's Advanced Sports Nutrition takes the standards to a new level. It gives you what you want and need with a casual writing flair that's pretty easy to read and not common among Ph.D.s. Yeah, there is some techie and scientific stuff – what do you want from a Ph.D.? – but it's usually explained well enough that it won't send your eyes rolling back in your head. Rather than dealing with specific sports, the book focuses on specific goals. No "Nutrition for Climbers" or "Nutrition for Runners." Rather, you'll find nutrition and eating plans for endurance, power and speed sports, as well as combinations of those areas. Frankly, that makes a lot more sense to us and makes the book more broadly applicable.

The author also spends time explaining the basics such as digestion and ergogenic aids, plus other factors that may affect someone's nutritional needs, such as gender, travel or altitude.

Advanced Sports Nutrition is a good basic reference for your shelf that can help you find answers to many of your nutritional questions. Plus, there are nearly 16 pages of references in academic style and in fine print, all footnoted to each chapter and fact, so you can dig deeper if your quest for knowledge isn't satisfied.

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