A thank you to the industry from Tommy Smith

We have just returned from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The distribution of your donations took a while since the roads are congested with volunteer workers as well as citizens, but with the help of friends we got through.

We have just returned from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The distribution of your donations took a while since the roads are congested with volunteer workers as well as citizens, but with the help of friends we got through.

Today we saw first hand the physical devastation that is beyond belief. It appeared that the world exploded. More importantly we saw the faces of those who are already fighting their way back to normalcy. Though the faces were weary, they were hopeful and very appreciative of your generous gifts. It was uplifting to them to learn that the much-needed donations came from outdoor retailers, reps and manufacturers from all over the United States.

As a Mississippian I must tell you that it was uplifting also to me to see all the many boxes when they were delivered to Buffalo Peak. Thank you for caring for the wonderful people, and there are many, of this state. We consider it an honor to be your representative in this effort.

A special thanks to Steven Leake and Jason Erfling of the Alpine Shop in St. Louis for their tireless efforts in getting the donations organized and delivered over the last two days. I could not have done it without you. Thank you to Brenda, Beverly and Rich from the shop who are now also here.

God is good, America is good. And with the help of both, we will get the job done.

Tommy Smith
Buffalo Peak Outfitters

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