Ultimate Paddle Performance is Werner Paddles Mission. . . and Promise to You.

We believe Advanced Designs and a Great Fit are the key ingredients to achieving Ultimate Paddle Performance™ . . . therefore, to fulfill our promise we focus enormous amounts of energy bringing our philosophy to a full range of kayak touring, white water and fishing as well as stand up paddling and canoe paddles.

Advanced Designs means much more than great blade designs and light weight construction, it includes ensuring durability, shaping comfortable grips, reliability and trust through strength and bringing all these features together as a whole, to create a well-balanced paddle.

Ultimate Paddle Performance may sound like something marketed to "pros", but the fact of the matter is everyone, regardless of their level of experience, can benefit from a well-designed paddle that fits properly. Ultimately it means you enjoy greater comfort, reduced fatigue, enhanced performance and more fun on your next paddling adventure.


Werner Paddles / EORA

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