VX-18 by Vectra

The VX-18 by Vectra Fitness sets the standard for single stack weight machines.

The VX-18 by Vectra Fitness sets the standard for single stack weight machines.

It is the ultimate home gym, having undergone many design improvements since its introduction in 1987 as the On-Line 1500. Even then, it revolutionized the industry with features such as the patented “no cable change” On-Line® system. No one had experienced a machine like this — more versatile, comfortable, smooth, more solid than anything before.

*The butterfly station features ARCâ„¢ (Automatic Ratcheting Cam) ensures the correct range of motion for each use.

*The chest supported row seat back has 12 positions and a one-touch adjustment lever.

*The VX-18 helps you bring all the benefits of a dumbbell workout home, thanks to a bench that rolls completely free.

*The squat system features an ingenious new attachment latch.

*The lat pull down incorporates a multi-position padded hold down system, ensuring that the legs are comfortably held in position.


VX-48 by Vectra

The VX-48 by Vectra Fitness is a flagship 4-stack milti-user weight machine. The VX-48 is the top of the Vectra Fitness line, offering the most comprehensive assortment of features and exercises available in a multigym. The VX-48 provides a complete full body workout. However, ...read more

VX-38 by Vectra

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VX-28 by Vectra

The VX-28 by Vectra Fitness is a creative marriage of the innovative VX-18 and the VX-11. To all the advantages of the VX-18, the VX-28 adds four additional exercises. These exercises work muscles that the VX-18 already trains in ways that add variety to your workout. For ...read more

VX-11 by Vectra

The VX-11 by Vectra Fitness is a 4-exercise powerhouse. The VX-11 is a sturdy addition to any exercise room, whether used as a freestanding unit or joined to the VX-18 to form the VX-28. The main exercise on the VX-11 is the very popular leg-press, which also offers a calf ...read more

VFT-100 by Vectra

The VFT-100 by Vectra Fitness is hitting, lifting, throwing, kicking, twisting, jumping, bending, reaching, and pulling. It could be happening on an athletic field or in the laundry room with a basketful of shirts and socks. Life IS movement, whether it's in sports, work, or the ...read more

TQ9 Hybrid Strength Gym System by Torque Fitness

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Women’s 627A Mid Weight Long Sleeve Tagless® Crew by Duofold

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TQ3 Hybrid Strength Gym System by Torque Fitness

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Vectra Fitness

Strength training is an important component to achieving complete health and fitness. Vectra Fitness has been the leader in the design of user-friendly, multistation weight machines since 1987. A Vectra multistation gym provides more comprehensive upper and lower body exercises ...read more