VFT-100 by Vectra

The VFT-100 by Vectra Fitness is hitting, lifting, throwing, kicking, twisting, jumping, bending, reaching, and pulling.
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The VFT-100 by Vectra Fitness is hitting, lifting, throwing, kicking, twisting, jumping, bending, reaching, and pulling. It could be happening on an athletic field or in the laundry room with a basketful of shirts and socks. Life IS movement, whether it's in sports, work, or the normal chores of the average day. And if you think about it,almost all physical activity originates with the “core” or muscles of the midsection. These are the muscle groups that provide the strength, stability, and velocity to the arms and legs. Therefore, “functional training” goes hand-in-hand with “core training.”

Be Your Best
We at Vectra feel confident that we have developed the machine that will best help you reach your desired level of fitness. Vectra quality Vectra craftsmanship, Vectra beauty, Vectra superiority in engineering...all have gone into the VFT-100. As in our broad
line of weight machines, everything fits, works smoothly, and is biomechanically correct...to help you reach your goals.


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