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We never tire of hearing how Tilley Hats have made a difference to our clients. In the past 23 years our Tilley Hats have been a welcome companion to over a million people, from world-class adventurers and neighbourhood ramblers, to princes and presidents.

We modestly make ‘The best, most practical outdoor Hats in the world'.™

All Tilley Hats are guaranteed for life against wearing out; come with a 2-year, all-perils insurance policy against loss; float, ties on in gusty winds and are machine washable. Many styles incorporate mesh into the crowns allowing coolness and comfort during hot days or strenuous outdoor activities. All Tilley Hats styles have been certified as Excellent UV Protection” (UPF 50+) – blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. Proudly made in Canada (Toronto) where we can keep a watchful eye!


TH5 hemp hat by Tilley

"This new Hat is a little work of art." June Walls, Toronto, Ontario *GUARANTEED FOR LIFE *INSURED AGAINST LOSS *EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION *REPELS RAIN *TIES ON IN THE WIND *MACHINE WASHABLE (WON`T SHRINK) Styled after the popular T5 and LTM5 Hats, the TH5 Hemp Hat features a ...read more

Tilley TM10 Mesh Hat by Tilley

Tilley TM10 Mesh Hat weighs only about 5 ounces! * GUARANTEED FOR LIFE * INSURED AGAINST LOSS * EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION * REPELS RAIN * TIES ON IN THE WIND * MACHINE WASHABLE (WON`T SHRINK) Tilley Mesh Hats are lightweight, cool and comfortable because the crowns are made of ...read more

The TH8 Hemp Hat by Tilley

The TH8 Hemp Hat by Tilley is new for Spring 2007 - 3 new colours Pink, Green and Light Blue. `Thank you, Mr. Tilley, for the TH8. I now head into life's adventures with an aura of graceful insouciance. My compliments, sir.` Anne Watson, Willowdale, Ontario * GUARANTEED FOR LIFE ...read more

Fedora by Tilley

Black available now, Dark Tan in October. Classic in styling. Practical in design. Engineered to fend off the elements. This fur felt fedora is luxurious yet practical. In keeping with Tilley Hat traditions, it's crushable, packable and water resistant. The inside Hydrofil® ...read more