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Soft on one side and grippy on the other, the Stick-e towel proved useful not only for yoga, but for weight lifting as well.
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Part of the “Yoga Stick-e” empire that also includes socks, gloves and mat, the towel is an accessory that no gym bag or home workout room should be without – even if you don’t do yoga.

It seems like a simple enough towel. It’s soft, made of bamboo with viscose, about 24 inches by 18 inches, and machine washable. The differences are the two strips of smooth “sticky stuff” that are about 3 inches wide and run the width of one side of the towel close to both ends. The “sticky” is a thin layer of rubbery stuff that is really very, very grippy.

Ever draped a towel over a bar or rail on a treadmill or other piece of workout equipment and had it slide away under your feet out of reach? This won’t do that.

Ever sat on a towel on an indoor bike seat and slipped around a bit? Not with this towel. Ever put down a towel on an inclined weight bench and struggled to keep it there? Not with this one.

As the product’s name implies, it’s certainly designed for yoga. You can use the sticky side to keep you in place doing your yoga postures if you need extra grip on a mat or on a hotel room floor if you are traveling. Plus, you get extra grip on one side but still have a place to soak up sweat with the towel. And you don’t have to put your face down on gym mats or community blankets. But, our favorite use of the towel actually didn’t involve yoga.

Our favorite time to use it was, in fact, while weight lifting. We placed it on flat or incline/decline benches, and put it on seats or over bars. Why? It added a level of safety. We have actually kneeled on benches with a towel between the upholstery and us and slipped off the bench – luckily remaining uninjured. Dumb, but it happens. With this towel, sticky side down, the towel stays put while you still have a safe and absorbent layer next to you. It even stays put on incline and decline benches, keeping you off of other folks’ sweat (if you are at a gym), and allows you to keep your sweat off your own equipment to prolong the life of the upholstery.

Only thing we’d say is that if the “stick-e” strips were perhaps multiple thinner strips like thick ribbing, the towel might be a little more flexible where the rubbery sections are. But that’s nit-picking.

All in all, this is a great deal and a nifty piece of gear for multiple uses.

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