Quick Kids Circuit by Quantum Fitness

Make youth training programs enjoyable, sensible, safe and effective
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Quick Kids Exercise Health Objectives are to:
• Reduce risk factors of Heart Disease
• Decrease risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes
• Burn Fat
• Increase Strength
• Increase Bone Mineral Density
• Increase Endurance
• Feel and Look Great
• Build Confidence

Obesity in children has reached epidemic proportions with 15% of children (roughly million) in the US being obese. Obesity can lead to social discrimination that can lead to poor self esteem and depression.

Provide properly sized equipment to promote correct exercise technique and body positioning

Zero starting resistance that adjusts automatically to keep pace with strength improvements 

Non-intimidating, space efficient, comfortable and simple to use 

Provide the basic exercise to work all major muscle groups

Make youth training programs enjoyable, sensible, safe and effective


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