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Polarguard / Kosa


Polarguard® insulation has been the recognized name for durable, high-performance apparel and sleeping bag insulation for more than 30 years. Polarguard still stands alone, its combination of warmth, resilience, lightness, and durability simply are unrivaled. Whatever your camping or extreme weather needs, there is a Polarguard product designed specifically to your warmth requirement.

Polarguard® continuous filament polyester insulation is constructed of filaments (tiny thread-like fibers) that form a long, single strand that may stretch for miles. Other synthetic staple insulations are use short, chopped-up fibers, typically 2 inches long or less in length, that are bonded together to create loft. Over time, short fibers can pull apart and separate, causing clumps and cold spots. Insulations take a lot of abuse during stuffing and unstuffing causing short staple insulations to eventually lose their loft and ability to keep you warm.



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