PAL Survival Light by Essential Gear

The PAL (Personal Accessory Light) Survial Light is truly something that every household should have.

The PAL (Personal Accessory Light) Survial Light is truly something that every household should have. This ingenius little light runs on a single 9V battery for up to TWO YEARS in its unique "always on" locator mode. Because it always emits a low-intensity beam of light you will always be able to find your PAL in the dark; and because LEDs use so little energy the 9V battery will last for over 20,000 hours in this mode. When you need it, press the button to cycle between one of three additional modes: a low beam, high beam, and a distress flash. * Uses super powerful LED; Magnifier lens provides bright, focused light. *Unlike wide-angle lights, the PAL easily illuminates path and objects up to 30 yards ahead *Never shuts off--PAL's energy-efficient "always on" mode means you can always find your flashlight. *Single 9-Volt battery lasts 20,000 hours (over 2 years!) in PAL's "always on" mode, and 200 hours on low power or strobe light. (40 hours high beam.) *Incredible battery life makes ordinary flashlights obsolete, wasteful! *Strobe mode emits high intensity flash at 1.5 second intervals for emergency signaling, making rescue easy. *Soft latex-free hypoallergenic sanoprene outside case is comfortable to hold. *Includes one 9-Volt battery, and embedded ring in base for easy lanyard attachment. *Internal electronics are shielded to prevent battery corrosion and to extend life of flashight *Available in WHITE, RED, BLUE and GREEN LED Colors with Black Case Only, or... *WHITE LED PALs available in 5 case colors: Black, Forest Green, Orange, Baltic Blue, Red - Your Choice!


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