The rise of pop-up shops this season

Outdoor brands use temporary brick-and-mortar locations to engage with customers during the busiest time of the year for retail.

'Tis the season for pop-up shops and exhibits, where shoppers have one more choice to find their holiday gifts. Customers nowadays are attracted to buying experiences and many brands are looking for ways to stoke desirability through their own seasonal stores in addition to specialty retail.

adidas Outdoor launched its first pop-up experience on Nov. 2 in New York City to celebrate the debut of MyShelter, the ultimate commuter jacket for the rainy city.

"We utilize these events to engage with young creators that follow the brand," said Patrick Tullos, senior manager brand communication and sports marketing. "We are bringing a premium experience to the retail environment which is evolving to meet changing consumer demands. Consumers want to feel special and know that brands are speaking directly and personally to them. That is what this event achieves—very personal interaction. It is a natural step to bring this approach to adidas Outdoor."


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