MSR Celebrates Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing with Winter Trails

Join MSR on January 12, 2013, for the 18th annual Winter Trails Day and enjoy a day of free snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at one of the almost 100 participating resorts and Nordic Centers nationwide.

MSR (Mountain Safety Research), the Seattle-based manufacturer of high-performance outdoor equipment, has provided outdoor enthusiasts with tools to get out and explore snow-covered terrain since 1969. Join MSR on January 12, 2013, for the 18th annual Winter Trails Day and enjoy a day of free snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at one of the almost 100 participating resorts and Nordic Centers nationwide.

MSR has sponsored the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) Winter Trails event since its inception in 1995. Roughly 11,000 kids and adults get on the snow each year. Participants will be able to test MSR's snowshoe collection-—including adult and youth models—and experience firsthand the collection's superior traction, versatility, and ergonomic efficiency.

“Winter Trails Day brings our love of wintertime adventures to those who love exploring the backcountry as much as we do,” said Jane Mauser, marketing director for Alpine & Snow Tools at MSR. “The annual festival makes snowshoeing and cross-country skiing accessible to beginners, as well as celebrates the sport with longtime enthusiasts. MSR is privileged to be a part of this event and we're honored that our products help make these adventures possible.”

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About MSR (Mountain Safety Research)
Seattle-based MSR has been engineering standard-setting high-performance outdoor equipment since 1969. A commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures customers are outfitted with the finest, most reliable gear available for outdoor adventures. MSR® product lines include: stoves, fuel, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, shelters, snowshoes and backcountry poles. The majority of MSR products are made in the company's Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit

About Winter Trails
Winter Trails Day offers children and adults new to snow sports the chance to try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing for free, and to discover the great fitness and social benefits with these easy-to-learn winter sports. The 18th annual Winter Trails Day is on January 12, 2013, and involves almost 100 resorts and Nordic Centers nationwide, and gets 11,000 kids and adults on the snow each year. Winter Trails programs and activities vary in size and scope, as each venue chooses a program that will introduce these sports to their communities. Select the state or area to see the locations that are participating. Each Winter Trails event is run by a local organization or business. If you have questions about the location nearest you or if you have a group you wish to bring, please contact the venue directly for details. The sport offering at each location varies, so please check the specific venue listing for details. Most Winter Trails events are located at Nordic centers or on public lands operated by the U.S. Forest Service or the National Parks Service. Many locations offer education programs and trail tours. Equipment and trail fees are free. For information about Winter Trails, please contact Reese Brown at or 802-236-3021.


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