Simple. Powerful. Gear.â„¢

Hyperwear® products don't have complex levers, pulleys, or electronics. They are simple. Easy, natural, and safe to pick up, put on, grab, lift, toss, catch, or slam. Our products let you move the way your body was intended to.

Hyperwear creates smarter ways to exercise more muscles. Introducing techniques previously not possible, Hyperwear fits every workout.

Our business model is built to support two principal goals: provide simple powerful gear and training content to help consumers become fit and provide long-term value to our stakeholders.

We apply insights gained from world-class athletes and physiologists for the benefit of everyone from professional athletes to group fitness consumers to kids. Simple in design but packing an extremely dynamic punch, our products will use more muscles and burn more calories with every movement. Hyperwear's new wave of unique products has won an international following and rave reviews in major media.

Hyperwear's SandBell®, SteelBell® and WaterBell™ (featuring sand, steel and water weights) and Hyper Vest® PRO and COOL vests (offering both weighted and cooling features) are patented fitness products. Enabling an unprecedented approach for working out and cooling down, Hyperwear combines some of the earth's most plentiful resources with a highly perfected set of rugged materials to create gear for all ages and all abilities.

Formed in 2007, Hyperwear's team creates products that improve the world's standard of living through fitness.
•CEO Denver Fredenburg spent much of the past decade with Nike and sports-oriented industry. A former captain of Baylor's baseball team and an avid amateur athlete, he holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and B.B.A. in Finance and International Business.
•Founder and President Cosmo Raines designs simple but intelligent gear, and the workouts to go with them, based on his extensive knowledge of the exercise, rehab and weight-loss markets.

•Director of Education & Training Diane Vives, CSCS, is a worldwide speaker with twelve years experience as a performance coach, fitness director, public speaker and educator. Diane is also a member of Under Armour's Performance Training Advisory Council.

Joined by a veteran board of advisors who are selected from a cross-section of elite athletes, coaches and trainers, Hyperwear's team enables better lives through better workouts.

Based in Austin and taking our products to people in more than 20 countries every day, we're excited to meet you. Contact us at +1.512.996.0808, info@hyperwear.com or visit our website at www.hyperwear.com.

Make every move count.



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