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First Look: Quivers Collaborative Commerce Platform

We chatted with Ruben Martin from Quivers and Sam Cook from the Tecnica Group to learn about a new retailer fulfillment program.

In this episode of First Look, SNEWS Editor-in-Chief Kristin Hostetter sat down with Ruben Martin, Co-founder & CEO of Quivers and Sam Cook, Blizzard Tecnica North American President to discuss Quivers' collaborative commerce platform.

Some topics covered:

  • How the Quivers platform works with brands to connect consumers with local retailers online
  • Logistics of how a sale is made and fulfilled
  • The benefits brands like those from Tecnica Group are seeing as a result of using Quivers, and how it allows them to support the specialty retailers that are an essential part of the community
  • The future of outdoor industry e-commerce & physical retail

You can request a demo to learn more about Quivers.

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