F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer by Torque Fitness

F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer (F.A.S.T.) by Torque Fitness is designed for unlimited exercise variety

Designed for unlimited exercise variety, the first-ever, premium F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer (F.A.S.T.) by Torque Fitness utilizes patent-pending technology that enable it to be efficiently folded into a solid steel enclosure that takes up less than four feet by four feet for space efficiency, aesthetic appeal and greater security.

•Proprietary adjustable cable column is integrated into the gym's doors and offers two width positions for variety

•Two adjustable swivel pulleys facilitate functional exercises that replicate daily activities or sports movements

•Horizontal bench lets users perform traditional exercises such as chest press and lat pulldown. Bench can be folded to open platform space for standing exercises or movements that utilize a stability ball

•Leg extension and prone leg curl station, along with an ankle strap for hip adduction, abduction and extension, target lower body

•Fast-Attach system for simple cable handle changes

•Torque Fork weight selection device uses magnetic adherence for efficiency

•Color-coded pins and levers for easy adjustments

•Attachments: short strap D-handle, two universal adapters with snap hooks, lat bar and ankle cuff

•200-pound weight stack integrates sound-dampening guide bushings for quiet travel