eQ Multi Light™ by Essential Gear

Introducing a clever LED light that’s the ultimate in hand free lighting.

Essential Gear, leading provider of LED illumination products, introduces a clever LED light that’s the ultimate in hand free lighting. Used with the strap, it’s an extremely lightweight headlamp. Stand it up for a spot light. Clip it on to just about anything. With 9 light positions, the beam can be directed precisely where you want it. eQ Light has 1 unbreakable white LED bulb, which never needs replacing. The unique magnifier lens projects an extremely bright, tightly focused beam pattern. Features: • Options for hands free use: Heavy duty Clip, Adjustable Strap, Stand • Lightweight • Water-Resistant • Magnifier lens for focused beam • Directional beam • Unbreakable LED Bulb Specifications: Battery Type: 2 x 3V CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries (Included) Operation Modes: Steady “On”, Twist On/Off Burn Time 60 hrs. Bulb Type: 1 5mm LED Product Size: 1 1/4” W x 1 1/2” H x 1 3/4” (Thick) Product Weight: Less than 1 oz with batteries Material: Rugged thermoplastic case


PAL Survival Light by Essential Gear

The PAL (Personal Accessory Light) Survial Light is truly something that every household should have. This ingenius little light runs on a single 9V battery for up to TWO YEARS in its unique "always on" locator mode. Because it always emits a low-intensity beam of light you will ...read more

5-LED Headlamp by Essential Gear

5-LED Mini Headlamp with 1 Red & 4 White LEDs *Four Modes: 1, 3, or 5 LEDs "On", 3-LEDs Flashing *Adjustable head strap mode of stretch elastic with padded base to comfortably fit all head sizes. *Adjustable inclination with 5 vertical positions that ratched up/down to direct ...read more

Mini 12-LED Lantern by Essential Gear

This battery-operated, energy efficient 12-LED Mini Lantern features an easy to use On/Off control and dimmer switch for adjustable brightness. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use including emergency backup lighting, everyday home entertaining and rugged outdoor activities. The ...read more