This multi-purpose tarp helps you plan your trip and stay organized.

Ride the elevator with Craig C. Rowe, inventor and founder.

TripTarp for Backpacking was developed to make gear-intensive wilderness pursuits easier to plan regardless of season or location, and to ensure you never leave behind essential gear.

Combining an exhaustive, categorized master gear list with corresponding sorting space, highlighted ten essentials, gear selection aids, and a visually-ergonomic design, you'll be sure to leave nothing behind and bring only what you need, regardless of season or location.


TripTarp was developed by a professional backpacking guide and team of Emmy award-winning information design creatives, along with extensive insight from a collection of outdoor professionals and hikers.

The product was born from a need to ensure that packing decisions made in the frontcountry didn't dictate decisions made in the backcountry. It formalizes a process already used by adventure travelers the world over.

Our goal is to ensure every backcountry adventure follows the map as closely as possible. We stand for balancing wilderness preservation with open access for all, and creating products solely to promote that mission.

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