Cool find of the day: Potty Packs

It comes with everything you need but the toilet.
Shit Kit

Included are four feet of two-ply toilet paper, wet wipes, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and a disposal bag.

In the backcountry, nature will take its course and you'll be sorry for forgetting essentials. Austin-based Potty Packs—founded by Marc Siemes and Joshua Hawley—assembles pocket-sized solutions for every type of nature's calling, from pooping in the woods to getting your period on an expedition to having a hangover at a trade show. 

This show is Potty Packs' first with their own booth, after accompanying distributor Liberty Mountain to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in July. The 2-year-old brand just unveiled three new packs, following the classic Shit Kit and bestseller Potty Pack. 

  • The Park Pack comes with sunscreen, insect repellent, sting relief, ear plugs, lip balm, wet wipes, hand wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  • The Period Pack includes a tampon, panty liner, two Midol pills, a feminine wipe, hand wipes and hand sanitizer, and stain remover.
  • And in the Hangover Kit contains Aspirin, anti-acid pills, electrolyte powder, a moist towlette, lip balm, and a mint. 

You've got to admit, these are pretty funny,


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