Luumi pouches are good for snacks and some can even be used as dry bags.

Luumi pouches are good for snacks and some can even be used as dry bags.

We're all searching for the fix for single-use plastic. As far as food containers go, tupperware is an option, but it's still plastic. And glass is even better environmentally, but who wants to carry that around all day? 

Look no further because there's Luumi. Just recently, Andrew Stromotich emerged from his garage after tinkering with this medical-grade silicon solution that he's debuting in the U.S. for the first time at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. 

Straws, lids, and bags—the most common trash in the ocean—in primary colors line the wall of his booth in Venture Out. He says silicon is the most abundant natural resource, that's cleaner than stainless steel, and has a carbon footprint on par with glass. 

He's onto the reduce and reuse movement, but with this product, Stromotich can also repair. At the end of a product's life, users can send in the bowl or lid and he'll grind the silicon down and mix the rubberized sand into a future product.

Luumi is currently sold in Canada at Mountain Equipment Co-op, but will enter the U.S. market by spring.

Check Luumi out at 36061-UL.


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