AccuFitness products are designed and selected to help you burn more fat and build cardiovascular strength during your favorite physical activity! AccuFitness fat burning products are ideal for: 1. fitness enthusiasts who want to maximize fat loss and cardiovascular benefits, 2. individuals who are just starting an exercise or fat burning regimen, 3. those who want to improve their current health status, and 4. people who want to monitor their decrease in body fat.




Hyperwear® Simple. Powerful. Gear.™ SIMPLE. Hyperwear® products don't have complex levers, pulleys, or electronics. They are simple. Easy, natural, and safe to pick up, put on, grab, lift, toss, catch, or slam. Our products let you move the way your body was intended to. more


SportsArt America

Founded in 1977, SportsArt Industrial is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality cardiovascular exercise equipment for health clubs, commercial facilities, and consumers. Distribution in over 70 countries worldwide has allowed SportsArt to garner more

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