3 LED Flexible Clip Light, 3 "AAA" by Essential Gear

Our 3 LED Flexible Clip Light twists, curves, loops, and adjusts to any angle.

Our 3 LED Flexible Clip Light twists, curves, loops, and adjusts to any angle. Its multi-purpose clip can be attached to just about anything to provide the ultimate in hands-free lighting. It's an ideal clip-on book light, perfect for close-up work, or illuminating those hard to reach spots. The three energy-efficient white LED bulbs provide an extremely bright, white beam of light and are safe to operate and cool to the touch. Almost unbreakable, and with a lifetime of over 100,000 hours, the three ultra-bright LED bulbs will never need replacing. The durable flex-neck is 7.5" long and will withstand repeated readjustments easily. Uses 3 "AAA" batteries (included), weighs just 2.8 oz, and burns for 70 hours on one set of batteries! Features: * "Any Angle" Flexible Neck * Heavy-Duty Clip Specifications * Base Size: 2.7" x 1.5" x 1.1" * Neck: 5.75" Bendable, 7.5" Overall * Weight: 2.8oz with batteries (included) * Batteries: 3 "AAA" * Burn Time: 70 hours


eQ Multi Light™ by Essential Gear

Essential Gear, leading provider of LED illumination products, introduces a clever LED light that’s the ultimate in hand free lighting. Used with the strap, it’s an extremely lightweight headlamp. Stand it up for a spot light. Clip it on to just about anything. With 9 light ...read more

5-LED Headlamp by Essential Gear

5-LED Mini Headlamp with 1 Red & 4 White LEDs *Four Modes: 1, 3, or 5 LEDs "On", 3-LEDs Flashing *Adjustable head strap mode of stretch elastic with padded base to comfortably fit all head sizes. *Adjustable inclination with 5 vertical positions that ratched up/down to direct ...read more

Mini 12-LED Lantern by Essential Gear

This battery-operated, energy efficient 12-LED Mini Lantern features an easy to use On/Off control and dimmer switch for adjustable brightness. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use including emergency backup lighting, everyday home entertaining and rugged outdoor activities. The ...read more

PAL Survival Light by Essential Gear

The PAL (Personal Accessory Light) Survial Light is truly something that every household should have. This ingenius little light runs on a single 9V battery for up to TWO YEARS in its unique "always on" locator mode. Because it always emits a low-intensity beam of light you will ...read more


SpotLit LED Clip-On Light by NiteIze

Sometimes the simplest things give us so much pleasure. Niteize came out with a small light called a DropLit in early 2007 that was a grand idea – a small highly illuminating bulbous quarter-sized LED on a horseshoe-shaped hook. You could put it on zippers, key chains, pets, ...read more