1000 Dowel Lifting Straps by Schiek Sports

Our wrist support and lifting strap all in one combines the best in comfort and durability, lasting up to five times longer than conventional straps.
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Schiek’s regular lifting straps feature 11”-long straps which are designed to give an optimum grip for heavier lifting. The straps with lock-on dowels are shorter and provide a quick locking mechanism which is very easy to use, especially for those unfamiliar with lifting straps.


Model 415 by Schiek Sports

Our Power Series offers a 1/8" Temper foam padding on the palm and thumb area and is perfect for lifters looking for innovative features at an affordable price. Radical new fins make taking off your gloves a snap! Getting conventional 3/4-finger gloves off can be a real pain. ...read more

Nordic Walker® Sport by Exel

Exel Nordic Walker® poles offer performance shafts of the highest quality. All of the shafts utilize a specialized co-winding production process. During this process, carbon fiber and other specialized materials are intertwined creating a seamless pole construction. The key ...read more


Dansko Kelsey sport clog

Some of us at SNEWS® have been big fans of Dankso clogs -- even though we have taken them on fewer trips recently because of their heft. But there are others here who never did like the clunky look or the weight. So when Dansko came out with the new Acadia Sport collection in ...read more