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(SAN ANTONIO, TX—MAY 16, 2018)—The Swim IT, a race-legal open water swimsafety device has selected SMACK! Media to manage its public relations, communications and digital strategy plans.

Every year, swimmers, from beginners to experienced, suffer fatalitiesdue to cramps, fatigue, changes in weather, medical conditions, SIPE (Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema), cardiac events, allergic reactions, arrhythmia, entanglement, panic, or attempting to assist a distressed swimmer without flotation. Statistics from 2012 indicated that there was a fatal swim every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day, in USAT sanctioned races in the USA. While these statistics have improved, the frequency of swim fatalities is still alarming. Since 2012, The Swim IT has saved 5 lives.

As elite endurance athletes themselves, the creators and co-Founders of The Swim IT, Rick Senn and Amanda McIntosh, realized that despite strong swim abilities, too many people facing the open water were losing their lives in a scenario where a flotation device with "instantaneous deployment ability" could have saved them. Senn, who is also a commercial airline pilot, was inspired by the personal safety flotation devices found under seat cushions on airplanes. The Swim IT was born as a swim safety device designed to easily attach to the leg without being cumbersome or impeding movement.

The Swim IT was created with 3 features that prevent accidental deployment and was approved for use in USA Triathlon Races in 2012. The Swim IT is not about ability nor fear, rather, about offering swimmers a race legal emergency flotation device for survival and peace of mind when self-rescue is necessary. Using a CO2 cartridge, The Swim IT inflates once the “Pull to Inflate" tab is activated, and exits the pouch. The inflated life jacket is tethered with a 5-foot cord to the leg, which prevents it from being separated from the swimmer. Additionally, The Swim IT, designed for open water swimming and triathlon, will not increase drag when worn properly on the back of the leg.

“The Swim IT serves as a safety device for individuals of all ages, and provides peace of mind for open water swimmers, triathletes, surfers, beach goers and anyone heading into the water,” said Amanda McIntosh, co-Founder of The Swim IT. "We connected with SMACK! Media a few years ago and loved that they were a team of athletes, professionals, and parents, who embraced our product and the impact it could have on saving lives. As we have grown and made some product enhancements, we are excited to partner with Elisette Carlson and her team to better share The Swim IT mission and to save more lives in the open water.”

The Swim IT is available online for purchase at

About The Swim IT

Developed by elite endurance athletes, The Swim IT is a USA Triathlon Race Legal swim safety device that has saved lives since 2012. The reusable training/race aid was designed to offer swimmers peace of mind through an emergency flotation device when self-rescue is needed. Designed with 3 features that prevent accidental deployment, there has never been an unintentional deployment. Using a CO2 cartridge, The Swim IT inflates once the “Pull to Inflate” tab is activated and exits the pouch. The inflated life jacket is tethered with a 5 foot cord to the leg, which prevents it from being separated from the swimmer. The Swim IT has saved lives and allows for safety that an individual can control.

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