The most epic eclipse photo

Andrew Studer and Ted Hesser worked with Columbia and GoalZero to capture the most incredible eclipse photos we've seen yet.
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In totality towns, where the sun would be completely blocked out by the moon for just a few minutes, the solar eclipse was all anyone could talk about for weeks. 

Even in places like Boulder, where SNEWS is based, we couldn't stop talking about where we'd drive and how far we'd go to catch a glimpse of what's perhaps the most incredible phenomenon the world has to offer.

Columbia and Goal Zero teamed up with adventure photographers Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer to go on a mission to capture the most epic eclipse photo possible. They went to Smith Rock and scouted locations for days, measuring exactly where the sun would be so that they could get the shot within the two-minute window of totality.

Well, we're pretty sure they nailed it.

Here's the whole story behind how they did it.