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Become an outdoor photo pro in the national parks

SNEWS readers get a discount on National Park Trips Media and Tamron photography workshops this summer.
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It's 5 a.m. in Bryce Canyon National Park and a group of people with cameras are alone in the park under the starry sky. Their feet stamp the ground, they rub their frozen hands together to warm them, and their coffee steams as they open thermoses.

When the first sunbeams break past the horizon, shutters click as instructors hustle around, giving advice. Someone shouts in celebration that they got “the shot.”

Every year, photographers of all levels join National Park Trips Media and Tamron in national parks to photograph beautiful sunsets, the Milky Way against inky skies, and  stunning sunrises on both overnight and four-day workshops.

“No matter how far along we are in our photography journey, there’s always more to learn,” Tamron instructor Erica Robinson says.

Bill Nylander agrees. Last year he attended four workshops.

“There’s always a reason not to get out of bed—these workshops force me to," he says, “Night photography especially is hard to do alone. You want to make sure you know what you’re doing before you’re in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out your settings.”

At the workshops, pros teach participants, Tamron provides state-of-the-art lenses, and everyone walks away with a full SD card and a new appreciation for the national parks. Multi-day workshops also include meals, transportation, and a lesson from a ranger or park expert.

Right now, National Park Trips Media is offering a 15 percent discount to SNEWS readers. Use the code SNEWS to get 15 percent off these three workshops:



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