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The New York Times is seeking a travel writer for an epic year of work/play
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Calling all aspiring writers, world travelers and travel junkies: The New York Times wants to pay you to live out your wildest dreams. Last week, the newspaper announced their search for a journalist to complete and write about their travels to each place in the 2018 installment of their annual “52 Places To Go” list.

The “52 Places To Go” list features a diverse array of destinations worldwide that are worth visiting, one to fantasize about each week of the year. Past destinations include everywhere from Botswana to Kazakhstan and Detroit, Michigan.

According to the NYT’s post, qualifications for the gig include past travel experience, active social media use and prior work in media. Candidates must also commit to a full year of travelling and writing.

Beyond these concrete experiences, applicants must have the adventurous and curious personality needed to explore the world on a non-stop vacation.

“The ideal candidate is a permanent student of life and astute documentarian of the world,” writes the New York Times in a post about the job opening. “This person should have a well-worn passport, the ability to parachute into a place and distill its essence and to render a compelling tale with words and images.”

Unsurprisingly, the dream gig has caused within the journalism world, as well as across social media. The competition is sure to be stiff, as 3,100 people have already applied for the job.

Those interested must be good working under pressure on deadline, as applications are due today, October 31st. Good luck, and if you win, make sure to bring back some souvenirs for us at SNEWS!


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