The Ultra Race of Champions (UROC), the World Ultra Running Championship and Altra Zero Drop Footwear have entered into a partnership for 2013.  Altra Zero Drop Footwear is heavily involved in ultra distance running, and a partnership with the Ultra Race of Champions, the Championship of the sport, is a natural fit.  The Ultra Race of Champions also serves as the 2013 Skyrunner® World Series Ultra Final: this is the first time that any Skyrunner® World Series Ultra Final has been held in the USA.

“Altra Zero Drop Footwear has really exploded on the market” says James Gill III, UROC’s Event Director and CEO of Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports. “Its innovative Zero Drop design and the passion and experience behind the company allow the product to stand out, and we are excited to promote Altra Zero Drop Footwear with all the runners coming to UROC”.

The race includes three events, the Ultra Race of Champions 100K, the Über Rock 50Kand Cruxy Half Marathon.  The Ultra Race of Champions course will start on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado and finish in Vail Village, crossing several high mountain passes.  The 50K and Half Marathon courses will take place on and around Vail Mountain.  For any runner looking for a more natural shoe to tackle any of the three courses, Altra will be the perfect choice. 

“Altra is excited to be a part of the Ultra Race of Champions again this year” says Jeremy Howlett, Altra Zero Drop Footwear Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing. “We were lucky to support it in its inaugural year and continue to enjoy watching the sport of ultra running grow. This will be a great opportunity to see the best of the best go head to head in the beautiful area around Vail, CO. We have a deep passion for the sport of running and the ultra distance exemplifies what running is all about to its fullest extent.”  Altra Zero Drop Footwear will be an exhibitor at the Champions Village, the UROC Expo in Vail.

Registration for the Ultra Race of Champions is now open at  The date of the event is September 28th, 2013.

About the Ultra Race of Champions

The Ultra Race of Champions is the Championship Event for the sport of Ultra Distance Running.  Elite runners are invited based on the recommendation of the Ultra Race of Champions Elite Advisory Council and their performances at key events in the sport all over the world.  The UROC Elite Advisory Council includes some of the best ultra runners from around the World: Geoff Roes, Dave Mackey, Ellie Greenwood, Michael Wardian, Devon Yanko, Ian Sharman and Anna Frost. 

About Altra Zero Drop Footwear

The idea behind Altra is simple—put the foot and body in its natural position so it can succeed while allowing a runner to choose the amount of cushioning and support needed.  You were born Zero Drop with your toes spread.  You get out of bed every morning Zero Drop with your toes spread.   Traditional shoes raise the heel, crowd and raise the toes, and often push up in the arch excessively.   All Altra shoes allow the foot to be in its natural Zero Drop position with the toes relaxed and spread.  The amount of cushioning and support is up to the needs of the athlete.

About Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports

By directing premiere road and trail events all over the United States, Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports strives to motivate runners of all backgrounds to challenge themselves. For over 12 years, Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports events have reflected owners James Gill and Francesca Conte decades-long knowledge and passion for running.

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