Sea to Summit will announce the launch Ultra-Dry Down™ in all models of their sleeping bags at Summer Outdoor Retailer. The first and newest sleeping bags in their range – the Talus series – will ship in Fall 2012.

When Sea to Summit first entered the sleeping bag market in the spring of 2011 they did so with a range of bags filled exclusively with premium down. While recognizing that down is unsurpassed in its warmth-for-weight and longevity, Sea to Summit’s designers were acutely aware of its vulnerability to moisture. So, they focused on creating shell systems that would alleviate the effects of both external moisture and internal condensation with their breakthrough 3D NanoShellâ„¢ technology and the highly breathable, water repellent 2D-NanoShellâ„¢ fabric for protecting against external moisture.

Now, Sea to Summit has virtually eliminated the negative effects that moisture has on down with the introduction of Ultra-Dry Downâ„¢. This treatment is a permanent Nano-level water repellent polymer treatment applied the down, which vastly improves the down’s reaction to water without effecting its weight or loft performance. Ultra-Dry Downâ„¢ retains over 60% more loft, absorbs 30% less moisture and dries 60% faster when compared with untreated down.

The Nano-level treatment also inhibits bacterial and microbial growth, which makes Sea to Summit sleeping bags more hygienic and improves their lifespan.

The first sleeping bags to use the Ultra-Dry Downâ„¢ will be Sea to Summit’s 750+ Loft Talus series – a relaxed mummy-shaped 3-season+ sleeping bag available in three fill weights. For added protection, the Talus bags use the lightweight nylon 2D-NanoShellâ„¢ treated with DWR for a water repellency of over 1,000 mm and a high breathability rating of 7,500 g/m2/24 hour.

The Talus sleeping bags, using Ultra-Dry Downâ„¢ in combination with our already formidable 2D-NanoShellâ„¢ system give you the best chance of sleeping warm and dry, day in day out throughout the worst of conditions. With these combined technologies there is simply no reason to choose any other insulation or shell for your sleeping bag.

The Talus sleeping bags will be available Fall 2012. The remainder of Sea to Summit’s existing models (Alpine, Traverse, Micro and Trek) will also be filled with Ultra-Dry Downâ„¢ and will be available March 2013. For the full specs on the Talus models available this fall visit Sea to Summit at booth 16,001 at Outdoor Retailer.