January 18, 2013, DURANGO, CO – With an eye on targeting the over 60 million women that participate in outdoor recreation each year, YellowHouse Media has launched www.WomensMovement.com, an online magazine devoted to women who are passionate about the outdoors.
"Our readers love to paddle, pedal, ski, surf, bend, hike, run, climb, and fly,” says Editor & Founder Erinn Morgan. “They’re inspired by travel, new cultures, and the people of the world. They are smart, sophisticated, and strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle.”
This audience, which spent over $4 billion on cycling, running, skiing, and outdoor women’s-specific products in 2011 according to Leisure Trends Group’s Women’s Market 2012 Sales and Trends Update, will be served with a website that combines beautiful photography with intelligent articles and gear reviews written by highly experienced journalists.
Topics covered include sophisticated active style, exotic and attainable adventure travel destinations, healthy (and decidedly decadent) recipes, pro training tips, inspiring luminary interviews, and brilliant (and essential) eco ideas.
WomensMovement.com also torture tests and reports on the gear readers need to do what they love, including everything from cycling, doing yoga, and hiking to surfing and running.
The site debuts on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, with an exciting lineup of launch content that includes:
• An enlightening chat between eco luminaries Alison Gannett and Bill McKibben (facilitated by editor Kate Siber)
• A feature on the upscale camping trend of “glamping” by writer Rachel Sturtz
• An interview with Stevens Pass avalanche survivor Elyse Saugstad, who is now conducting women’s avalanche awareness clinics, by Megan Michelson
• A review of K2’s new backcountry women’s SideKick skis by writer Kelly Bastone
The WomensMovement.com staff includes Editor & Founder Erinn Morgan, an award-winning editor who has served as editor-in-chief of several publications, including SoHo Style (an award-winning, avant-garde publication covering the art, culture, and style of downtown Manhattan) and The Zone, a Playboy Enterprises publication. Morgan is also a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Skiing, Bike, Mountain Bike, and on www.away.com and www.GearInstitute.com. She is also the author of the book Picture Yourself Going Green.
Senior Editor Kate Siber is an award-winning freelance writer and correspondent for Outside magazine who has traipsed the globe in search of stories, shooting blowguns with Amazonian tribes in Ecuador, tracking rhinos in South Africa, and diving with sharks in Fiji, among other dubious endeavors. Her work has also appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and other publications.
Publisher Brigitte Baron has worked as the director of media sales and partnerships at Totem Brand Stories, where she oversaw media sales for the British Airways brand as well as the Delta brand with their onboard magazine, Delta Sky and managed custom publishing accounts such as Virgin Atlantic’s iPad magazine Project. She has also worked as a sales development director at Backpacker and as the northwest and northeast manager at National Geographic Adventure.
WomensMovement.com contributing writers include Megan Michelson, Kelly Bastone, Rachel Sturtz, Allison Patillo, and Clark Tate.