BOULDER, COLO. – Cocona, Inc., the leader in active drying technologies, introduces the Cocona PRO Collection, the fastest drying Cocona® first-layer fabrics. Cocona’s PRO fabrics are among the top 5 percent of all Cocona® Fabrics for dry rate performance and engineered with high snag resistance. The Cocona PRO Fabrics are designed to be quick drying for the most demanding athletes and is offered exclusively to Cocona’s licensed brand partners.

Drying rates are becoming the new performance standard of high-performance clothing, footwear, glove and sleep systems. These lightning-fast drying fabrics were engineered using both AATCC 200 and 201 test methods, now industry test methods for measuring dry rates.

“Combining the data from both methods into one new performance metric has guided our developments. When the drying rate is high, field testers really felt a difference”, commented Alan Lekan, vice president of product development, Cocona. “We believe our new Cocona PRO Collection will be the ‘go-to’ first layer product for runners, cyclists, skiers and any athlete who expects their gear to handle the highest sweat rates and dry from the inside. These are the best of our best Cocona® Fabrics.”

The Air-Flow Method (AATCC 200) simulates how a shirt would dry indoors or outdoors by itself in the presence of light wind. The Heated-Plate Method (AATCC 201) simulates warm skin (92 degrees F) and measures how fast the fabric would dry with added body heat worn as a first layer or part of a layering system.

Wearing these first-layer products together with Cocona® mid and shell layers creates an active drying system for ultimate dry rate performance, improving outdoor experience. To learn more about Cocona PRO Collection, visit the Cocona booth at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, booth 56020. For information about Cocona® Technology, please visit

About Cocona
Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Cocona is the world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of Active Particle Technologies used to dry clothing, footwear and sleep systems. With initial focus on the Outdoor and Sports markets, Cocona is rapidly gaining market penetration for patented Cocona® Technology in the commercial, industrial, and hospitality markets globally and discovering new applications for the technology. For more, visit: