CHAOS Thermal Regulation is the Cold Weather Solution
For outdoor, snow, hunting, construction and snowball fights

Steamboat Springs, CO (December 28, 2009) —Chaos Headwear is technical, offering the latest in hot technology. CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation is the extreme cold weather category, consisting of various balaclavas, facemasks, face toasters, ear wraps and bandanas, made with the following innovative materials: Pro-Stretch™ and Pro-Stretch plus™, MicroFlex™, Windshield®, and Dri-Release®.

Chaos- CTR is the fastest growing category in the company. Continual development and refinements from field testing with athletes, snow sports filmmakers like TGR- Teton Gravity Research film crews, rental programs and new materials, concise merchandising make the CTR division complete. Below are detailed examples from our top categories: Mistral Collection- Pro-Stretch™ and Pro-Stretch Plus™, Chinook Collection-Micro Flex™, Howler Collection- Windshield®, Adrenaline Collection- Dri-Release®, and CRT FitsAll 4X.

The Mistral Vapor – In the Mistral Collection with Pro-Stretch Plus™, incorporates a 4-way stretch with 3D fitting integrated with wind resistant panels, contoured ear flaps, mesh ventilations and Lycra binding for ideal fit and comfort. The beanie is ideal for a helmet liner biking or skiing, or perfect for winter snowshoeing and running. MSRP $19.95 styles #1678

The Mistral Bandana- In the Mistral Collection with Pro-Stretch Plusâ„¢, incorporate a 4-way stretch with breathable mesh mouth ventilation, 3D fitting integrated with wind-resistant panels, contoured ear flaps, and Lycra binding for ideal fit and comfort. Bandana wraps around the back with large adjustable Velcro tab. The banana is ideal for winter fast sports, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ranch work and wherever fast and reliable protection from the wind and elements. MSRP $19.95 style #1671

The Howler Multi-Tasker Pro – In the Windshield® Collection, For extreme cold weather the design incorporates all Windshield® fabric with added wind resistant panels, mesh for breathing, a hinged jaw for easy on and off options, 3D fitting, and soft Micro Flexâ„¢ panels for added comfort and warmth. Tapered neck and Lycra binding for ideal fit and comfort. The Multi-Tasker is ideal for cold weather stand alone or helmet liner for skiing, snowmobiling, expeditions, winter work and snowshoeing with integrated hinged top worn on top of the head or comfortably pulled back. MSRP $34.99 style #1630 image upon request.

The Adrenaline Skully – In the Adrenaline Collection, with Dri Release® is lightweight, thermal and comfortable for high energy cross training and cooler temperatures. Dri Release® is a unique poly-wool blend incorporating the best properties of both fibers. The natural wool repels odors, and circulates warmth, the polyester fibers add fit and function in a 4 way stretch with 3D fitting. Due to the production method of the fibers, the weave wicks 4X times faster than comparable fabrics and dries 30% faster than Coolmax®. The beanie is ideal for a helmet liner biking or skiing, or perfect for winter snowshoeing and running. Available in balaclavas and multiple liners.
MSRP $22.95 style #1058

Fits All 4X-
Imagine the perfect fit—every time. FitsAll 4X is a unique high-tech yarn utilizing the luxury and warmth of conventional fibers with stretch and spandex. Snug but forgiving, soft while keeping its shape with the right fiber mix to allow for warmth and breathability. FitsAll 4X is a proprietary technology where by each yarn consists of base yarn filaments wrapped around a spandex core. This hat collection is a perfect stand alone athletic beanie for snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, winter running, cross training or as a helmet liner for snow and bike sports. MSRP $18.99-22.95 style #2254

Chaos can attribute winter sales’ records to all of the following: new specialty and sport retail accounts, additional partnership accounts, and regional program accounts. The new accounts and alliances reflect the stronger than ever product mix offered by our specialty headwear division, as well as the technical headwear solutions by CTR- Chaos Thermal Regulation; all of this combined with custom program hat selections, quality, competitive margins, and exceptional service add up to more sales.

“We are seeing in this looming recession, a behavior, that larger accounts are spending more on accessory items and co-brand partnership in a recession…all this helps the brands make up for the short comings in outerwear and hard goods,” reflects, Gary supple-Director of US Sales in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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Chaos’ is quality, responsiveness and a vast array of headgear possibilities. The Brand is owned by Do-Gree fashions, a Mill locally owned and operated—with three generations of experience. Do-Gree Fashions in Montreal, Canada is able to respond quickly to both customer requests, as well as fast-paced market trends, both of which translate to unparalleled service. Designs from both CHAOS and sister brand MOON SHADOW vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high-end alpaca, all of which supply the men’s, women’s and youth markets. Materials include: merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, fleece, and technical fabrics from the New CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation, Fits ALL 4X®, Pro-Stretchâ„¢ and Pro-Stretch plusâ„¢, Windshield®, Dri Release®.

Event sponsorships where CTR can be found:

-Teton Gravity Research

-Birds of Prey World Cup

-US Telemark World Cup

-Nordic Nationals Championships

-Vail Veterans Program

-SynchroSki Carving Championships

-SOS -Outreach

-Windell's Camp

-Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge

-Vail Valley Foundation