Whitewater kayaker and Astral Ambassador, Harlan Taney, will attempt the world solo speed record in a kayak paddling the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon during a federally scheduled, experimental flooding and release of the Glen Canyon dam. Taney plans to continuously paddle the geographical length of the Grand Canyon, 277 miles, and intends to break the current record of 36 hours. His attempt will begin at midnight at Lees Ferry near Marble Canyon, Arizona (river mile 0) on November 21st immediately upon release of the dam. Taney has worked closely with the hydrologist to precisely coordinate his launch so he can ride the flood for 24 hours and be careful not to out run it.   

Taney, a Flagstaff native, has worked in the Grand Canyon as a river guide for over 15 years and the speed run has been a goal of his for some time. “The Grand Canyon Speed Run for me will be exhilarating and an amazing adventure,” says Taney. “But it will also be a way for me to experience the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River on whole new terms; just me, alone with my kayak, exhausted, paddling downstream on a river in flood.”

 An Astral Ambassador for several years, Taney has boldly competed in and adventurously explored big water all over the world including some of the most remote places on Earth. Taney will make the attempt in an Epic 18x Touring Kayak while wearing Astral’s Sea Wolf PFD. The versatile and technical Sea Wolf is built on Astral’s foam Tectonic platform and offers exceptional mobility, accommodating range of adjustment and ample storage space.

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