Episode 8 of The Innovation Project: Sportago

Sportago has been in business for 33 years largely thanks to a hyperlocal customer base in St. Helena, California. They’re a loyal bunch, but that means the store has to work hard to keep up with frequent shoppers’ demand for new product.

“Versatility is really important,” says Ahren Trumble, an owner who’s been involved with the store in various capacities for the past 15 years. “Having a primarily local customer base, we need things to be fairly fresh in the store all the time. We’ll space out or do more frequent ship dates, so that every two weeks we have new stuff coming in.”

Some of the shop’s customers pop in every week to look for the latest gear.
“So much of this stuff in the industry is tactile,” Trumble says. “You can’t tell what a piece of clothing feels like or fits like when you’re ordering it online.”

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